EYEMATE - Your intraocular pressure look-out

Your intraocular pressure lookout*

Person with reading device

EYEMATE measures intraocular pressure

EYEMATE measures your intraocular pressure simply and discretely. With EYEMATE, people with glaucoma or a predisposition to it can monitor their intraocular pressure themselves, much like they would measure their own blood pressure. The system for measuring intraocular pressure consists of a small pressure sensor, a hand-held reader device and a data transmission tool. Your doctor can check your data tele-medically, permitting adjustments to be made to your glaucoma treatment quickly and flexibly to preserve your sight. EYEMATE is a medical device and has not yet received the legally required marketing approval. It is currently only available for patients who meet the eligibility requirements for the clinical study and who have consented to participate in it.

How the sensor works

Implantat neben CentThe sensor is embedded in a super-thin and flexible plastic implant that is less than 12mm in diameter. The implant is made out of high quality, stringently controlled, biocompatible materials so that it can remain in the eye indefinitely. A micro sensor embedded in the implant measures the intraocular pressure and wirelessly transmits the measured values to the reader device. With its ring form, the thin implant with the micro sensor does not inhibit vision. Like artificial lenses, patients do not feel anything in their eye. The implantation itself is similar to the cataract operation conducted millions of times in Germany.

How the reading device works

The reading deviceThe reading device measures intraocular pressure in just 2 seconds by sending a minute magnetic impulse to the pressure sensor. The implanted sensor itself has no other energy source. It needs no batteries that have to be charged or changed. A short signal from the reading device initiates the pressure measurement by the sensor. To do this, the reading device is held close to the eye. The reading device sends energy to the sensor for approximately 2 seconds via a weak magnetic field that is absolutely safe for you as patient. This is all that is needed for the sensor to measure the intraocular pressure and transmit the data to the reading device. The data is displayed on the reading device and saved with the exact date and time of the measurement. Without the signal from the reading device, the sensor is inactive.

How data is transmitted to the doctor

Device for data transmissionWith an additional tool all the measurements recorded by the reading device can be sent to a secure, internet-based database, where they can be accessed only by your doctor, permitting prompt modifications and adjustments to be made to your glaucoma treatment.

Access via the app

Access via the appA smartphone-app is in development. This allows you to view your pressure profile and to track your pressure history. The app can also be used to communicate with your doctor.


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