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Your intraocular pressure lookout*

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Measuring intraocular pressure as easily as measuring blood pressure

Ophthalmologists have been looking for a simple and reliable way to monitor intraocular pressure frequently for a long time. With the methods available until now, only limited monitoring of intraocular pressure was possible. Because measurements could only be made in the clinic or doctor's office, there were often long intervals without any control.  With EYEMATE, you as a patient with glaucoma or at risk of developing it can measure your intraocular pressure yourself, just as you would your blood pressure. Your doctor is continually informed and can easily adjust your therapy as needed.

Individual and comfortable measurement process

Diagram with data for intraocular pressure on the iPadThe EYEMATE Pressure Sensor an measure your intraocular pressure easily and reliably. Measurements recorded on the reading device can be reviewed in future simply on a Smartphone using a special app. With EYEMATE you can also track your pressure over the course of a complete day. It also can provides the doctor with an ideal basis for making treatment decisions: They can check the pressure values at any time and intervene immediately if they worsen.

Reliable and portable

Information glaucoma treatment

The EYEMATE is able to make measuring your intraocular pressure as easy as measuring your blood pressure. It enables you to be actively involved in your treatment. With the measurement profiles, you can see if your treatment is working. The EYEMATE system is designed to fit today's busy lives. Both the reading device and the additional device are small enough to fit in any jacket pocket or handbag. The ability to send the data to the doctor via an Internet connection means you can also use the EYEMATE while traveling. If any problems develop, your treatment can be adjusted after talking to your doctor.     

Targeted glaucoma treatment

Doctor on the phone as a contact person

The German Association of Ophthalmologists would like to see glaucoma patients undergo regular follow-up examinations tailored to their individual circumstances. EYEMATE is able to provide doctors the possibility to keep close track of their glaucoma patient's intraocular pressure without the patient having to come to the office. Based on the diagrams of the data uploaded to the platform by the patient, the doctor can detect worsening pressure values early and react quickly. In future ambulatory measurement of intraocular pressure by the patient makes it possible to provide a greatly improved.


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