EYEMATE - Your intraocular pressure look-out

Your intraocular pressure lookout*

Glaucoma patient

Questions and Answers about EYEMATE

With the EYEMATE you can measure your intraocular pressure yourself and support your targeted glaucoma treatment. You can find the answers to numerous frequently asked questions in the following dropdown lists. You can also get more information by calling our service line under the number +49 (0) 511 - 2204 2580 or via e-mail using the form below.

Questions about the operation

How is the EYEMATE implanted?
The EYEMATE is implanted during a cataract operation. More than 800 000 cataract operations are performed every year in Germany. Usually, patients go home the same day. The lens that has become clouded by the cataract is removed and replaced with an artificial lens.

Can you tell me about the operation?
For the operation, the patient receives a local anesthetic and special eye drops to widen the pupil so that the surgeon can perform the procedure. Then a tiny cut about 2 millimeter long is made in the side of the eye. The clouded lens is sucked out of the membrane capsule where it is located and replaced with an artificial lens. Ultrathin arms on the artificial lens hold it in place in the membrane capsule where the clouded lens had been. Then the EYEMATE implant is placed in the eye.

Do you feel anything in the eye?
No. Although the eye is a very sensitive organ, both the artificial lens and the EYEMATE-Implant are not felt.

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