EYEMATE - Your intraocular pressure look-out

Your intraocular pressure lookout*

Glaucoma patient

Questions and Answers about EYEMATE

With the EYEMATE you can measure your intraocular pressure yourself and support your targeted glaucoma treatment. You can find the answers to numerous frequently asked questions in the following dropdown lists. You can also get more information by calling our service line under the number +49 (0) 511 - 2204 2580 or via e-mail using the form below.

Questions about the implant

How big is the implant?
The implant is less than 1/2 millimeter thick and has a diameter of 12 millimeter.

Where exactly is the implant placed?
The implant is positioned behind the iris. There it cannot be seen or felt.

What is the implant made of?
The implant consists of the micro sensor and a tiny spool of gold wires embedded in a high quality, strictly controlled plastic that is used for medical implants.

Is the pressure sensor in contact with eye tissue?
The pressure sensor is embedded in plastic. Only this plastic is in contact with the surrounding tissues.

Does the implant hurt?
No. Just like an artificial lens, you will not feel the implant at all.

Can the implant be seen?
When the pupil is dilated to its maximum, for example after you have received eye drops at the ophthalmologist, a small part of the implant might be visible. Under normal everyday conditions, it is hidden completely behind the iris and cannot be seen.

Does the implant obstruct vision?
No, the ring is completely behind the iris. The so-called "optical axis" (the path through the pupil and the lens) is completely free.

Does the implant contain a battery?
There is no battery in the implant that needs to be charged or replaced. The implant only actively makes a measurement when the reading device is held in front of the eye and the measurement is triggered.

How does the implant get its energy?
When a measurement is taken, the reading device creates a very weak electrical current in the sensor spool which - insulated by the plastic covering - enables the implant to take the measurement and send the data to the reading device.

How long will the implant last?
The implant is expected to last a life-time without any need for maintenance. It was designed to remain in the eye permanently.

Can the implant also be removed?
If absolutely necessary, the implant can also be removed with an uncomplicated out-patient procedure.

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