EYEMATE - Your intraocular pressure look-out

Your intraocular pressure lookout*

Team of IOP

Who is developing the EYEMATE?

Implandata Ophthalmic Products (IOP) GmbH is a medical device company located in Hanover. The IOP team is made up of competent, highly motivated employees who - together with the clinics and their doctors - are working to improve the medical treatment of patients with glaucoma and those at risk of developing it. Together with the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft e.V., IOP GmbH has developed the standards for the telemetric, cableless measurement of pressure in the human body.

Our goal is your goal

IOP's goal is to develop innovative products like the EYEMATE to open up new possibilities for the treatment of glaucoma. The EYEMATE makes it possible for the first time for eye doctors to monitor and assess the intraocular pressure of their patients between office visits, enabling the treatments to be optimized. All with the goal of saving patients’ eyesight. At the same time, you the patient gain a new level of freedom. Because you can measure your intraocular pressure yourself as part of your normal day-to-day activities and can send your measurements simply and easily to your doctor via telephone or internet, you will have a much higher level of safety and transparency without as many trips to the doctor.