EYEMATE - Your intraocular pressure look-out

Your intraocular pressure lookout*

EYEMATE now CE certifiedSimple independent monitoring–anytime, anywhereThe implanted intraocular pressure sensor–inconspicuous and safeData are transmitted directly to the doctor's computer–improving treatment

New chances for glaucoma patients

"An elevated, fluctuating intraocular pressure is a major risk factor for glaucoma patients. EYEMATE could be the first device that enables patients to make frequent and reliable intraocular pressure measurements on their own. These independent measurements are very useful for the doctor, allowing early, tailored treatment adjustments that improve vision retention in at risk glaucoma patients.

Prof. Hagen Thieme, Direktor der Universitätsaugenklinik Magdeburg und Leiter der klinischen Studie

Prof. Hagen Thieme, Director of the ophthalmology department of the University Clinic Magdeburg and Coordinating Investigator of the clinical study

EYEMATE for improved management of glaucoma

Independent measurement of IOP

Glaucoma is a tricky disease to treat because at the beginning it has no obvious symptoms. When the first vision loss is detected, the optic nerve is already irreversibly damaged. This damage is caused by elevated intraocular pressure.

The intraocular pressure sensor EYEMATE makes it possible to monitor intraocular pressure continually, without the patient having to come to the clinic. The handheld reader measures your intraocular pressure without touching the eye and sends the values to your doctor's office computer.